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How to Get Star Rating on Google Search Results?

You probably have seen many web pages showing star ratings for a product or reviews in Google search results, these are basically called Google Rich Snippets Review Ratings. Rich Snippets are few lines of text that appear under search results, which will give users a sense for what’s on the page. Continue Reading »

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Your Complete Guide to Robots.txt

Although the robots.txt file is a very important file if you want to have a good ranking on search engines, many Web sites don’t offer this file.

If your Web site doesn’t have a robots.txt file yet, read on to learn how to create one. If you already have a robots.txt file, read our tips to make sure that it doesn’t contain errors. Continue Reading »

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CommentLuv vs Disqus: What to Choose and Why?

Some people have been telling me that I should switch to using the ‘CommentLuv’ comment system.  However after taking some time to look at it and weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of using it, I came to the conclusion that I was better off not installing CommentLuv!

Here is what I thought about each:

Continue Reading »

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How to Optimize The Title Tag and Why? An On-Page SEO Guide

The HTML title tag defines the name of a web page and should be used to describe content of that page in a concise way. Thus, what is placed between the opening and closing HTML title tag is extremely important for both usability and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Continue Reading »

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Blogger Vs WordPress: Which to Choose and Why?

There are many free blogging platforms but only two have won every one’s heart. People always love that platform for blogging which provides all the features for free of cost; you got it right I am talking about WordPress and blogger. Continue Reading »

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Tips to Increase Your Google Pagerank Instantly

Originally posted on SEO Service Provider | Best SEO Training Institutes in Pune | SEO Expert in Pune | Vijay Gaikwad:

Google Page Rank is a link analysis algorithm which is used by search engines to determine relative importance of your link within their database in million ways

How is Page Rank Calculated?

Page Rank is calculated by various algorithms made by search engines, in simple words, Page Rank is calculated upon the number of links on your site; these links Include:

  1. Backlinks.
  2. Inbound links.
  3. Internal links.
  4. External links.
  5. No-Follow links.
  6. Do-Follow links.

Google and other Page Ranking sites analyze these links and assign a numerical page rank from 1 to 10 to your website.Each pages in your website may have different pagerank!

Twitter ranks in pagerank 10 and Google, Facebook stands back with pr 9

How To Increase Page Rank instanly ?

1. High Quality Content:

In order to increase Page Rank you must have unique quality content which your readers want to share with their friends.

2. Site Submitting:

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Google Authorship: How to Set-Up?

How To Set Up A Google Authorship? How To Set Up Without Using Any Plugins Or Scripts, And Works Better With WordPress Sites Or Blogs?

>> if you are not-known with�Google Authorship – first of all you must know about Google authorship, what is a�Google Authorship and How does it effects in search results. See Here… Continue Reading »


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