What is Guest Posting in Seo, How to do Guest Post and Why to do Guest Posting?

What is Guest Posting?

The Guest blogging is the method used by the bloggers to increase their blog traffic. It allows to post your articles on other blogger’s blog. Guest posting is an effective way of promoting blogs written by you. The huge benefit with guest blogging is user readability. Your one blog posted as guest blog will be circulated among different other blogs that can get you some visits and few back links to your blog.



Why to do Guest Posting?

Benefits of guest posting are :

  • The biggest benefit of guest blogging is the ability to gain high quality back-links.
  • Guest blogging allows you to connect with other bloggers and future guest posting opportunities,.
  • It also improve your writing skills. The more content your write, the better will be your writing skill.
  • It increases your exposure and helps you to build your brand.
  • It improves your rank in search engine.
  • It helps you meet new and interesting group of people.

How to do Guest Posting?

Guest Posting is very simple. Guest posting is a Off page optimization technique.
At this techniques you can post a good article to others blog. If your contect is really good then he will allow your article to publish. At the end of the article you can put your site’s url for a backlink.

How to search guest posting enable blogs?

One can easily find a blog that accept guest on your niche.
Here what you can do search on google using following query

[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest post”
[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest blogger”
[Your Keyword] intitle:”guest article”
[Your Keyword] inurl:”category/guest”
[Your Keyword] “guest post”
[Your Keyword] “guest blogger”
[Your Keyword] “guest article”
[Your Keyword] “become a contributor”
[Your Keyword] “write for us”
[Your Keyword] “write for me”

Some tips for Guest post:
1.Your guest post content should be unique.
2.Your post should not be only attractive or informative but    usable too.
3.Beware in misspellings, grammar, formatting etc.
4.If you have picture to related post with your content,          theme then publish with picture.
5.Content should be in good English.

And one more tip, if you want to get more response in guest posting then try to make a healthy relationship with bloggers.

Start with comments on their blogs, ask questions, follow them on Social media and the best one : First, make your own identity at-least on Social Media, show them that you have good knowledge in your niche and then ask for writing permission. No one can refused your request if have a large fan follower.  

Be active, Get more response.  🙂


3 comments on “What is Guest Posting in Seo, How to do Guest Post and Why to do Guest Posting?

  1. Nice Post. Everything is available on Guest posting : Searching to Publishing. Great, looking for more articles on seo.

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