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What is Google Authorship and How to Use it?

What is Google Authorship?

When searching Google, you have more than likely noticed that photos are now appearing next to some of the listed search results on the search engine results pages — and you may have even been influenced by those photos when deciding which link to click.

What are the benefits of Google Authorship:

First Benefit:

You just made your searchable content that much more personal-able – When you scroll through a Google search, studies show you’re much more likely to click on something you can SEE, and feel more relate-able too. People will like to see your face. And? It’s more authentic, and therefore making your post feel more trustworthy and clickable.

Second Benefit: 

You’re improving your SEO and ranking – The content linked to your google + profile is going to rank higher than the content that is not linked to a G+ acct.

Meaning? You show up higher in the Google search, = better click possibilities, = better SEO.

The more you’re clicked, the better you’re off, and if you’ve connected your g+ profile and verified your authorship, you’ve just given yourself an easy boost and a major leg up on the competition.

Third Benefit: 

You Are Improving Your Seo!!!! – Seriously people. What does SEO stand for? Search Engine Optimization. When you think search engine… what do you generally think of? Google. Pretty much the most popular and widely used search engine and who has pretty much monopolized the search engine world. Anything you do through google (G+ acct/profile, authorship verification, and so on) just gives you that much more of an SEO boost.

Fourth Benefit:

You’re leaving your Google footprint – Funny how we’ve gone from thinking about what sort of footprint we’re leaving on our Earth, to what kind of footprint we’re leaving on the internet. Serious author/blogger/freelance writer/small business owner/etc the list goes on…. ??? Yes. You are. Well then, leave your footprint. Make your mark! By verifying your authorship, you’ve linked your blog/website to your G+ profile. The more powerful the sites you’re linked with, the greater the power of your authorship.

In short, by taking the time to verify your Google Authorship you are increasing your visibility as a blogger and writer and doing yourself a huge favor. If you do anything new to ‘help’ your blog and increase traffic, let it be this.


How to Setup Google Authorship in 3 Easy Steps …

NOTE: Make sure that you backup your site before updating to either WordPress 3.5 or the latest version of the Genesis framework. Also, you must have a Google+ profile to claim authorship, which Google has pretty much made mandatory anyway. ;)

1. Add Your Google+ Profile Link

Go to the edit user screen (and to your profile, if you have multiple authors) in your WordPress dashboard and scroll down until you see the option box for your Google+ profile link. Copy your Google+ profile link and paste it into the Google+ option box. Here’s my Google+ profile link, to give you the right idea:


Here’s what it should look like when you’re done:

To confirm, you can simply view the source of an individual post or page and look for the highlighted code:

Important: Because Genesis allows you to modify authorship for each and every writer on your site, every writer gets to claim authorship of their content. This will be incredibly important going forward, as the best guest writers will absolutely require this of any site they contribute to. And it’s good for you, because for each post they contribute, you also get the benefit of their Author Rank.

2. Add a Google+ Contributor Link

Now you’ll need to add a reciprocal link back from your Google+ profile to the site(s) you just updated. You can do this by going to your Google+ profile page, and editing the “Contributor To” section.

In the dialog that appears, click “Add custom link”, and then enter your website URL. Here’s what that looks like:

3. Test Your Google Authorship Connection

Finally, you’ll want to test that you accomplished the first two steps properly.

Thankfully, Google has provided a Structured Data Testing Tool to do the checking for you.

Here’s an example of a blog post where Google Authorship has been properly set up and a screenshot to show you the result:

Once you’ve got everything set up you’ll see your profile head-shot and name next to all your posts in search results, along with the number of Google+ Circles you appear in. Having your smiling face show up next to your content in Google’s search results can vastly improve click through rates.

So Done with all these or have any doubts?

Give Google a day or two to register the changes to your website. Often, the search engine result aspects of Google Authorship don’t immediately appear.


One comment on “What is Google Authorship and How to Use it?

  1. Great content over authorship, really this is awesome. One can make his blog image with Google Authorship.
    Thanks for writing about this.

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