Keyword Research: Why Important?

What is Keyword?

Keyword is just a short word query that user types in search box to find out the appropriated results. The search engine does its best to match your words with the words on websites.

Like if someone wants to search difference between Jquery, ajax and JavaScript the need not to write the full sentence he can write only the Jqurey vs Ajax vs JavaScript.

This type of searching is used in 97% of case. ( 3% is missing because of girls they search in very funny manner :P)

Searching on Google


What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the term used to find out best and appropriate keywords for your blog/Website. A good keyword research according to your niche can make or break your website in terms of traffic and ranking.

I would like to break keyword research in 2 main points:

1. What people are searching for?

2. What is the completion and traffic on particular keyword related to my niche.

With these two points we can choose our keywords and rank our website. We should choose a keyword which is highly searchable but facing the less competition in market so that we can rank-up our website. You can discover which words and phrases you should be optimizing for by conducting keyword research using a tool such as Google AdWords Keyword Tool.

But I advise you to not totally depend on this tool because everyone is using this. Make your own combination and check that on this tool.


Why we use Keyword Research in SEO?

Keyword-ResearchAs a website owner, you’ve undoubtedly heard that keyword research is important. To be honest, the importance of proper keyword research cannot be understated — it wields a great deal of power. Proper keyword research can help you focus your on-page SEO campaigns so that you attract visitors who convert.

For your off-page search marketing campaigns, it can show you keywords than you can rank for, even in competitive keyword markets. Keyword research even plays a role in PPC marketing campaigns — it can help you save money by lowering your cost-per-click, and may be able to point out keywords that convert better than others do. So, now that you know some of the reasons why keyword research is important.


How to Search Keywords?

Most of the people made mainly 3 moti moti mistakes when they come with keyword research, Below are the mistakes in keyword research:

1. They totally work according to 3rd party tool, why? Everyone use these, come up with some new ideas.

2. Only doing seo keyword research once, and neglecting to update and expand your SEO keyword list

3. Targeting highly competitive head terms that reveal no intent, can you make and rank other website with name similar to Google and rank that one? No Na, then why targeting the master domain.

Work according to your height!!!


What are the benefits of Keyword Research?

First tell me can you rank-up your website without any keywords? The answer is simple – No, Actually a big NO. In Seo every activity related to your blog, content, off page, on page as well as Social media depends on keywords. Hence you are supposed to be perfect in this section to spread out your valuable things.

Proper keyword research helps establish an effective foundation for your online marketing campaign. This strategy can unlock the door to a world of online customers searching for your products or services.

1. Increase Your Search Engine Rankings: If you are targeting the same keyword in which you are writing the valuable content then search engines automatically  rank-up your website and this results in more traffic.

2. Know and Analyze Your Competitors: Effective keyword research will provide you with in-depth knowledge of how your competitor’s site was optimized for the search engines and how you also can create a site that will attract search engine traffic.

3. Minimize your bounce rate: With good keyword research you can target your real audience. So people come to your site, stay and read your posts. This really helps in minimizing bounce rate.
Higher Organic Search Ranking: Don’t waste time guessing what your audience wants, when you can easily and efficiently conduct a keyword analysis. A proper keyword research gives you real audience that comes up with orgainc search.

4. Find a Profitable Niche: With a good keyword research one can easily get to know what is his niche, what he is targeting and how to improve the area of his niche.

5. Get Targeted Traffic: A aimed traffic, not in terms of visitor, in fact in terms of real visitor who wants to read about your service, want to ask questions and can give you to busioness only comes when you have good keyword according to your service.

6. Find low paying keywords for AdWords Ads: With perfect keyword research you can know how to utilize your single penny and what keywords you need to target in AdWords so that you can get much more real traffic.

7. Gain Visibility Online: More suitable keywords, more traffic, resulting in more online popularity, hence more visibility.

Oh here are 7 tips, don’t thing I am fan of 007 🙂


Now Ask yourself…

Is the keyword relevant to your website’s content? Will searchers find what they are looking on your site when they search using these keywords? Will they be happy with what they find? Will this traffic result in financial rewards or other organizational goals? If the answer to all of these questions is a clear “Yes!”, proceed…


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