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Google PR Update : Surprise for Everyone

SEO: Google surprised with page-rank update

Google has surprisingly updates the public Page-rank, the ranking for under site operators still enjoys much importance in spite of low importance.

Contrary to the general expectation of the SEO community, Google has played a public PageRank update. Site operator can therefore retrieve the updated values ​​of relevant web sites and services, several lists, among other things.

PageRank: Despite minor importance in the heart of the debate

Although PageRank has little importance for a Web site ranking, the value plays a role in crawling. The PageRank affecting among other things, the residence time of the Google bots. “Have subpages a low PageRank it is also much less likely to visit by the Google bot” The PageRank years ascribed importance to the ranking of a website is now largely denied.


Matt Cutts, head of webspam team of Google, said in October via Twitter that he considered an update of the PageRank this year unlikely. Asked by a user for an update before the new year, he replied: “I would be surprised if that happened.” Within the company, the PageRank of all the sites in the index is updated more often. Google makes these values ​​but only at irregular intervals publicly.

Went there for your websites uphill or downhill?


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