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HomePage Layout: SEO 2014

HomePage is the most visited page for every website, no  one can refuse this fact. So what should be this look like? Did you think about this?

Do you know how the look and content on HomePage can make and break your ranking?  Remember, you have only one homepage, so only one Title tag. Google understands this, and rates your Home-page strongly in terms of your target keyword.
If SEO is playing poker, your home page is the ACE in your SEO deck. Use it wisely!

For better understanding to your website, people always comes to homepage.

What Should I Put on the HomePage?


A). Logo+Navigation:

In the old way, we’d promote all of the major sections of the site on the homepage. So you might have a homepage that’s like, “Oh, check out our blog, and here’s our product, and here’s this other thing that we’re doing. Oh and this new launch point.” Each of these gets featured, or they kind of scroll through them. It’s really the homepage very much competing for attention. You can think of that Yahoo! homepage model being the discovery point for everything on the site. If you don’t get homepage real estate, well, you’re not important.

This is totally wrong in 2014, because really we can make all of those major sections easy to navigate to and find. We can focus very uniquely on just one section, on just the most important things that the most important customers and visitors are trying to get answers to and what they expect when they get to that homepage.

B). Explain with Images: 

If you offer lots of products, make sure to convey the value proposition of what you do. If you’re a clothing brand and you offer lots of different things, “Well, which picture should we use?

C). Anwer Most Commonly Asked Questions: 

You know the things that, as soon as someone hears about your product, they instantly have these questions. So just answer them right there. I really like that section existing on the homepage. Then you can go into more detail in product pages as well.

D). Give Social Proof: 

Lots of websites do this on their homepage—showing the logo of news outlets that have covered them or big brands that use them that are very trustworthy or testimonials. I personally have found a lot of value in testimonials.

E). Call to Action: 

And the last thing that I really like having on your homepage is a call to action. Last, but certainly not least, a call to action. “How do I install this?” I think guiding someone to that next step is a key part of how successful a homepage operates. Then you can really test the success of your homepage as well, based on whether people engage and go there.

So I hope you’ve got some great ideas for your homepages in 2014. I look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks so much.


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