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How to Get Star Rating on Google Search Results?

You probably have seen many web pages showing star ratings for a product or reviews in Google search results, these are basically called Google Rich Snippets Review Ratings. Rich Snippets are few lines of text that appear under search results, which will give users a sense for what’s on the page.


Rich snippets basically provides short summary of a page for a specific query in Search results. The Star ratings not only look nice, it’ll also boost your CTR and improve SEO rankings.


How to Show Star Rating in Google Search Results


Why you should Add Rich Snippets for your Blog?


As per Google, rich snippets extract and show more useful information from web pages than normal pages. These Star ratings look appealing to users and there’s a high chance of users clicking it.


So it’s highly recommended to make use of this Google Rich Snippets feature. If you’re a WordPress user, then it’s easy to add Rich Snippets to your Website.


WordPress Plugins to Show Star Rating in Google Search Results


Author hReview


Author hReview WordPress Plugin


Author hReview plugin comes with pro and free version. Author hReview is one of the best Star Rating WordPress plugin which will boost your product reviews in Google Search results with eye-catching snippets. It’ll show little yellow stars in Search results which will definitely increase your click-through rates.


With paid version you can give half star ratings for your post reviews, you can get different rating box templates, add images to the rating box, you can sort reviews in widgets, add shortcodes to display rating boxes anywhere in the posts/pages.


Author hReview is the best plugin to add rich snippets and show star rating in Google search results. You can check Author hReview here (Aff. Link).


All In One Schema.org Rich Snippets


All In One Rich Snippets Plugin


This is another Rich Snippets plugin which will help you show Star Rating in Google Search results. Like its name says, it supports all the following types of Schemas: Review, Event, People, Product, Recipe, Software Application,Video, Articles.


After Installing you have very little work, it also displays cool looking Rating Stars which will Boost your Click-Through rate and SEO rankings. It also helps Facebook to display proper information when users share your links on Facebook.


It’s a free plugin, you can download it here.



kk Star Ratings

kk Star Ratings Plugin


kk Star Ratings is a Rich Snippets plugin which will show Star Rating in Google Search Results. This plugin has lots of features; kk Star Ratings allows blog visitors to involve and interact more effectively with your website by rating posts. It has cool mouse over effects and animations such as fueling of stars.


Also Includes a widget so you can show top rated posts in your sidebar as well. Can also be filtered by category. You can manually select where to show the ratings. It can be on homepage, archives, posts or pages. You can choose your own Images.


It’s also a free Plugin. You can download it here.



Displaying Rich Snippets Star Rating in Google Search Results will help you improve your site’s Click-through rate and SEO rankings. Use these WordPress plugins to take advantage of Google Rich Snippets Star Rating feature.


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